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SPILL app | The New Social Media Platform Launched in July of 2023

When Twitter Owner Elon Musk announced a limit on tweets due to “data scraping”, users left in droves. And then in July of 2023, the platform was renamed and rebranded “X”.

Most users are sticking around just to see what will happen (watching the house burn from the inside, if you will). But if you’re looking for an alternative, have you heard of Spill?

To fill the void, a ton of social media apps have launched, but the Spill app stands out the most.

Not only does it offer the same premise, but actually surpasses it with Spill’s visual  conversation style and celebrations of culture.

The founders of the Spill app are two former Twitter employees, Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell, a Cannes Lion, Clio, OneShow, and 2x Webby Award-winning creative executive; and DeVaris Brown, the CEO and co-founder of Meroxa, a VC backed data application platform.

Image of Spill app cofounders, two fashionably black men with beards

According to its foundation, Spill caters to culture drivers who are often overlooked and under-compensated, in particular Black women, the queer community, and other underserved groups.”

Co-founder, Phonz, said in a video uploaded to #Spill, that this does not mean the app is only for these groups; instead, it seeks to make sure these groups are credited for their contributions unlike what has happened on other apps.

SPILL is visual conversation at the speed of culture

Example Post of spill

The platform combines text, images, gifs, and more. And instead of follows, likes and retweet/reshares, Spillionaires can sip, serve, comment, mark as tea, and quote (like retweeting) with or without comment.

The #LiveSpills have been a great feature as well, encouraging active community engagement (for example inviting everyone to watch the same movie, and tracking the engagement by it having it’s on hashtag).

#TeaTime is another exclusive feature, which is a live video of an interview on the platform. Most recently it featured Sebastian Kole, Singer-songwriter and record producer, who shared insights about his latest song, “Angel” by Halle Bailey.

People are loving it! It feels like a virtual hang out with a bunch of cousins (and if you know that feeling, then you’re going to love Spill).

The only issue is getting a code to join (FYI, when you sign up you get to invite 3 people with a code, which is how we got in). However the exclusivity is not overtly intentional, it’s a necessary step to help keep the app on track for development.

Basically the consensus is not looking good for the old bird-feed. Since Musks takeover, several apps have hit the market and platforms have launched updates with features very similar to the Twittersphere, including Instagrams Threads. Learn more about that update here.

As far as Spill goes, there is a guide to help users navigate the new pages and to spill and serve effectively – How To Spill Guide by Spill.

It would be disappointing if users try to build a following through serves and don’t plan to sip (you’ll notice many will have 1000s of serving, but only a handful of sips). This phenomenon of only wanting an audience but not being an audience to others content has become an annoying algorithm problem.

Hopefully, the brew will stay hot with users sipping just as much as they serve.

If you try the app out, we’re serving under the @LoveHerStuff handle. See you there!


  1. It’s going to be interesting, especially now with Threads on the scene to see which platform can maintain and excel in this industry. It also goes to show, talent is everywhere -you don’t have to be the CEO or founder to invent or reinvent.

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