Who We Are

At Loveherstuff.com, we are committed to providing a platform for women, particularly brown women, and our unique experiences. We believe that the things we surround ourselves with should reflect our personal style and values, and we’re passionate about helping women discover new things among one another. Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes, inspiration, natural hair tips, book recommendations, podcasts, or beautiful home goods, we’ve got you covered. 

LoveHerStuff is also a platform to give a voice to budding writers! If you’d like to pitch us an original work, contact us here. Please use the subject line “Contributor Pitch:” in your email. Thanks for being a part of our community!


Mission statement

We strive to create a community of women who feel confident in their choices and proud of the things they love.


Vision statement

Our vision is to become an online resource for women seeking inspiration and provide an outlet for them to express themselves freely.


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