15 of the Best Low-Carb Pasta Replacements

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15 of the Best Low-Carb Pasta Replacements | High Protein, High Fiber, and Low-carb

If you want to cut carbs but still enjoy some of your pasta favorites, keep reading sis! These pasta replacements are quick, easy, and delicious. We have tried them and love them!

The pasta replacements below can be used in Indian, Asian, American, Italian, and countless other pasta recipes.

There are so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose. In the past, I used to use heavily processed low-carb pastas, but now I prefer choosing more natural alternatives.

This just means instead of a packaged protein pasta, I’ll choose spiral zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash. So if you’re like me and want the option to choose, we have two full lists – one that’s all-natural, and one that’s considered in the other category.

Plant-based Low-Carb Pasta Replacements

  1. Broccoli Slaw – Broccoli Slaw cooks down for a good noodle replacement in various recipes. Something with sesame and ginger or a cheesy casserole bake is perfect for its hearty texture. They are fibrous and filling, and despite “broccoli” being in the title, they don’t taste like it.
  2. Mung Bean Sprouts – If you’re in the mood for Lo Mein, mung bean sprouts are a great substitute. Watch them close because they sauté fairly quickly. Add coconut aminos sauce, chili oil, fish sauce, duck sauce, or sesame seed oil to fulfill that healthy “take out” craving. Mung bean sprouts are also a great source of Phytosterols, which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation.
  3. Palmini Hearts of Palm Pasta – This is a Love Her Stuff favorite! This 100%, plant-based alternative is purely hearts of palm cut into noodle shapes. It is one of the best options for cooking tomato based or buttery sauce recipes. If you like Alfredo, here’s our quick recipe for Hearts of Palm Linguine Alfredo.
  4. Zucchini noodles (a low-carb classic) – Zucchini is beyond easy to cook and is excellent with lapping up savory flavors. These are great spiralized and also sliced length-wise for use in place of lasagna noodles. Zucchini noodles in a skillet with ground meat, red sauce and melted cheese
  5. Spaghetti squash – Another vegetable at the top of our LHS pasta alternative list is spaghetti squash. Once sliced open (and seeds removed), it can be face-up roasted in the oven or flipped over and microwaved for a few minutes. You have to try our recipe for cheesy meaty stuffed spaghetti squash.
  6. Cucumber noodles – No matter how you slice it, cucumbers are a refreshing side to most any meal. Add tomato, onion, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and olive oil for a Greek noodle salad. Or top your cool cucumber noodles with pesto, sun-dried tomato, and a little extra Parmigiano Reggiano. Discover three good store-bought pestos here.

Processed Low-Carb Pasta Replacements

There are a ton of healthy alternatives to traditional pasta on the market today. I favor the ones where the ingredient list is pronounceable or they have additional benefits, like extra protein.

  1. Nasoya Pasta Zero Fettuccini – This was the first low-carb alternative I tried because I was familiar with Nasoya’s Tofu. It is #1 in this list on purpose, if you have to try a Konjac noodle – start with these. They are a great replacement for a spicy Thai noodle recipe. A purple package of nasoya fettuccini
  2. Miracle Noodle – They are 97% water and the primary ingredient is konjac flour (made from Konjac, a root vegetable). Although, these are plant-based and grain-free, I still consider it more of a processed/artificial alternative. This brand also offers flavors, including Teriyaki, Thai Peanut, and Adobo.
  3. Skinny Pasta – Skinny Pasta is a konjac flour and oat flour-based brand. The macros are extremely low (4.5 calories, 0 net carbs per serving!). These taste best after cooking them in a dry skillet first. Sautéing them bone-dry like this removes excess water making them less bouncy and chewy.
  4. The Only Bean Edamame Fettuccine Pasta – The Only Bean has the highest protein count, coming in at 25g of protein per 2 oz. serving and only 9g net carbs. Love that!
  5. Organic Black Soybean Spaghetti Pasta – We made a shrimp scampi with this and it was good. Fair warning, it does give a strong, plant-based “I’m not really a noodle” aftertaste, but it still gets the job done.Cooked black soybean pasta with shrimp on top

Complete Meals – Low-Carb Pasta Alternatives

Sometimes you have a taste for noodles, but don’t have the time to cook it – I feel you! These ready-made, low-carb pasta substitutes are delicious and easy to make at home or on the go at work.

  1. Real Good Chicken Lasagna Bowl – Layers of pasta are instead replaced with Real Good’s chicken-based noodles. Not only is this entree a win on convenience, but it is also a big win on taste because of the ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese. Let me tell you, their enchiladas, bowls, and chicken stuffed microwaveable are my favorite set of alternatives.
  2. Protein Wise Chicken Alfredo Pasta – Protein Wise offers substitutes for almost any carb item you can think of. This pasta is a guilty pleasure. It comes in a box of 7 packets, each packet is only 130 calories, 15g of protein, and 12g of net carbs.
  3. Protein Wise Creamy Chicken Pasta – It’s just as good as the Chicken Alfredo, and is my 2nd favorite noodle on the website. It is also offered in a box of 7 packets, each packet is only 120 calories, 15g of protein, and 12g of net carbs.
  4. Tattooed Chef Frozen Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Bowl – It’s mac and cheese on cauliflower – but don’t count it out – because the flavors are there. It is also tree-nut free, contains 18g of protein, and 3/4 cups of vegetables. Tattooed Chef had me hooked on the brand when I tasted their Acai Bowls (so good!). Cauliflower Mac and cheese in a bowl, low carb pasta alternative

To sum it up, finding the perfect low-carb pasta replacement is all about personal preference.

Whether you opt for plant-based options like zucchini noodles or explore processed alternatives like Nasoya Pasta Zero Fettuccini, the key is to choose what aligns with your taste and health goals.

Experiment, enjoy, and make your low-carb pasta journey a delicious adventure!


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