10 Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gifts To Celebrate Heritage

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Honoring Diversity: 10 Gift Ideas for Proud Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you need a few ideas? As a tired mom of two small children, the best gifts for me would be a clean home, a hot meal, and a long nap.

But since I discovered my Ancestry DNA, I have become more intrigued by my Nigerian bloodline, which made me think – What are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas specific to women of color?

The most purchased gift on Mother’s Day is flowers – but not every mom has a green thumb or cares for another flower arrangement. Here’s our list of ten unique Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate and show love to mothers of color:

  1. What is bought most for Mother’s Day besides flowers? Jewelry. To make it special – choose a personalized piece of jewelry that celebrates her heritage or culture, such as a pair of handmade earrings, necklace, bracelet, or another unique piece. We love jewelry by Shecollected.com.

    Artsy earrings by she collected.com
    Photo via www.shecollected.com
  2. A custom-designed portrait or artwork from DeKelis Art Studio that showcases elements of her heritage or faith. Color symbolism varies by culture and can have strong spiritual, religious, or cultural meanings.

    A woman with a curly fro painting a large piece of artwork with the words "flourish"
    Photo via www.dekelisartstudio.com
  3. A subscription to a beauty or wellness box that specializes in products for women of color, such as a Cocotique or Cratejoy.

    Photo via www.Cratejoy.com
  4. A handmade quilt or tapestry from Etsy that features intricate patterns and colors from her cultural heritage. We love the idea of a Mother’s Day dried flowers tapestry from this Etsy artist, Lindraad; maybe flowers from her wedding, her favorite flowers, or flowers reminiscent of where she’s from or where she’d love to go. The possibilities are endless.
  5. If she’s the type of mom who loves to cook, gift her a cooking class or a cookbook. The options are endless, from traditional and unconventional to vegan, like Tabitha Brown (southern-style vegan) or Neto Craves (Latin food).

    Photo via www.Walmart.com
  6. Have you explored your ancestry? Does she know where her bloodline began? Discover it together! In honor of Mother’s Day, Ancestry kits typically go on sale for $49 vs. the usual price of $99.
  7. A gift certificate for a spa day that offers services specifically designed for women of color, such as a hair care treatment or massage. Two massage tables at a spa
  8. If your mom loves to immerse herself in literature or film, gift her a book or film by a writer or director from her cultural background, such as the novel Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto or Thao Thai’s Banyan Moon. Woman relaxed on a couch reading a book
  9. A set of natural hair care products that cater to her specific hair type and needs. Here are seven black-owned brands to choose from. gifts
  10. A statement piece of clothing or accessory that celebrates her culture or heritage, such as a bold-printed headwrap or a statement necklace.

We hope this list inspires you! And remember, it’s not the gift; it’s the giver and the thought behind it that means the most to Mom.

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