Home Sweet Sanctuary: HGTV-Inspired Quick Organization Tips

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Home Sweet Sanctuary: HGTV-Inspired Quick Organization Tips

Organized mudroom, white and light gray walls, wood floors with wicker basket accents.

Take a page from HGTV’s playbook and revamp your living spaces with easy organization hacks. Whether in a big home or a small one, these easy tips can help to declutter and create a harmonious home environment.

HGTV-Inspired Tips for Every Nook and Cranny

Think your home lacks storage space? Think again! There are a ton of ways to maximize storage anywhere by utilizing every nook and cranny. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Tiny Homes shows (and my time spent being part of the team to build a Kim Lewis tiny home), is that you can make a lot fit into little places with clever placement.

Here are a few tips to transform your home into an organized sanctuary.

Surprise Storage Under the Stairs

staircase with book storage and drawers underneath
Photo: Lynn Donaldson & Associates/ HGTV

Utilize the often-overlooked space under your stairs. Clever drawers built into the steps provide extra storage for any room essentials, including linens, blankets, toys, or decorative pillows. Built-in bookcases under the stairs have become fairly popular over the years for their convenience and great use of space.

Control Out-of-Control Cords

white cable management box
Photo: Changsuo Cable Management Box/ via Amazon

Out-of-control cords have no respect for any room of the house, whether it be the nightstands in the bedroom, behind the television in the living room, or taking up desk space in our home office. HGTV recommends cable caddies because they stick onto a desktop (or behind the TV console) and have space for several cables to clamp into. Paired with cable zippers, it is a great way to stay organized. There are a ton of ways to tame them as well: cable management boxes, cord organizers, cord covers, cable organizers (for when not in use), and self-adhesive cord clips.

Safely Discard Expired Items

hgtv-inspired quick organization tipsOrganizing experts and HGTV hosts all agree – you’ll free up tons of space in your home by taking time to toss up expired items. For me, having natural hair required a variety of products (at one point in time), and for a while, most of the bathroom storage was my hair stuff. After a look through expiration dates, I realized most of it was 6 or 7 years old and way past its prime. I cleared out an entire cabinet within 30 minutes. Here’s another tip: the closer something is to the eyes, the shorter the lifespan. This means most skincare and makeup products have a shorter shelf life than you think and should be tossed. Clearing this clutter is guaranteed to free up cabinet, shelf, and counter space.

Optimize Your Laundry Room

hgtv-inspired quick organization tipsLaundry rooms get the most action in most homes, but they don’t always get the TLC it deserves. There are a few ways to utilize the space, starting with a pull-out or wall-mounted ironing board and hooks to hold brooms and mops (if your space doubles as a cleaning closet). When not in use, fold it up to save space. Adding cabinets above or adjacent to the washer/dryer adds more storage and hides clutter better than open shelving. Baskets serve as practical storage spots for everyday items.

Pet Storage for a Tiny Space

hgtv-inspired quick organization tips
Photo: Gail Fedela/HGTV

Keep your furry friends’ toys, accessories, and essentials neatly organized within storage cubbies or organized shelving. This dedicated space ensures that pet items are easily accessible, preventing clutter around your home. Consider introducing a multi-functional pet storage ‘cubby’ unit to house food, grooming supplies, extra leashes, and health essentials. This unit from Wayfair brings both function and style.

Closet Storage Style

Take your closet to new heights by extending cabinetry and shelving to the ceiling. Customized compartments keep everything organized, from jewelry to boots, making your space efficient and stylish.

Discover the potential within your home’s existing spaces and turn them into organized havens. Stay tuned for more HGTV-inspired tips to elevate your living spaces.

What are your favorite organization tips and hacks for home?

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