7 Simple and Delicious Vegan Meals to Try

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Are you interested in trying a plant-based diet?

If you’re considering the switch to a vegan diet, these easy and tasty meal ideas will make the transition a breeze. From Meatless Mega Burritos to Spicy Chickpeas Lettuce Wraps, these 7 recipes are sure to please even the most skeptical meat-eaters.

With more and more people looking to reduce their consumption of animal products, the vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. And for a good reason – recent studies have shown that a plant-based diet can have many health benefits, which include diet-related non-communicable diseases like Cancer, Type II Diabetes, High blood pressure, and Coronary Mortality (heart disease).

The healthiest hitters seem to be Mediterranean, Pescetarian, and Vegetarian lifestyles. Additional studies, including the Journal of Geriatric Cardiology and the Journal of the American Medical Association (J.A.M.A), confirmed similar findings.

It’s important to note that not all vegan diets are created equal – some are heavily processed and high-calorie, while others are boring or just not good. But with some planning and preparation, it’s easy to create delicious and nutritious vegan meals.



Here are 7 vegan recipes from blogger-chefs we love:

1.) Meatless Mega Burritos

2.) Carrot Ginger Soup

3.) Chia Seed Pudding (substitute heavy cream with coconut milk)

4.) Vegan Black-Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

5.) Mango Banana Smoothie

6. Spicy Chickpeas Lettuce Wraps w/Cilantro Jalapeno Sauce

7. Mexican Chopped Salad w/Avocado dressing (save time by using Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing – it’s Vegan too.)

For African-Americans, veganism and vegetarianism are especially worth looking into as our community is at higher risk for heart disease and high blood pressure.

Without proper planning, it is far too easy to eat a high amount of carbs and sugar. For that reason, vegan food is not promoted as a weight-loss-specific option. However, sticking to green, clean food options in your planning can help with dropping a few pounds. 

If you give any of us these meals a try, be sure to credit to the recipe originator. You can tell them loveherstuff.com sent you! Hope you enjoy these delicious vegan recipes for beginners.



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