Revamp Your Lifestyle With These 10 Wellness Apps

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Top Wellness Apps for Vegans, Mindfulness, Calorie Tracking, Sleep and More

Achieving balance and health can be challenging; luckily, these healthy apps can support you on your wellness journey.

Whether you’re diving into fitness, striving for balance, or seeking healthier habits, these must-have apps are designed just for you. Let’s explore:

Collage of Vegan recipes on plates with oh she glows logo1. Oh She Glows: Culinary Inspiration for Vibrant Health
Step into a world of nourishing, plant-based recipes with Oh She Glows. Elevate your culinary skills while nourishing your body and soul with wholesome, delectable meals.

Headspace logo2. Headspace: Find Peace Amidst the Chaos
Need a moment of tranquility? Headspace offers mindfulness exercises and meditation, your personal retreat for calming the mind and embracing inner peace.

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3. MyFitnessPal: Health and Nutrition, Simplified
Take control of your nutrition with MyFitnessPal. Set goals, track meals, and gain insights into your dietary habits for informed decision-making. Unfortunately, one of their best features – the barcode scan – is only available in the paid version (our answer to that is app #7 below).

wellness apps4. Lifesum: Your Guide to Balanced Wellness
Lifesum provides personalized guidance, tracking meals, exercise, and water intake, helping you create a balanced and healthier lifestyle.

wellness apps5. Calm: Relaxation at Your Fingertips
Escape the hustle with Calm, the leading meditation and sleep app (well known for its celebrity read sleep stories). Engage in guided meditations and tranquil music to unwind and improve sleep quality.

wellness apps6. WaterMinder: Stay Refreshed, Stay Healthy
Stay hydrated effortlessly! WaterMinder’s simple interface keeps track of your water intake, ensuring you remain refreshed throughout the day.

carb manager logo7. Carb Manager: Empowering the Keto Lifestyle
Tailored for keto and low-carb enthusiasts, Carb Manager simplifies macro tracking, supporting a seamless keto journey. The app features unlimited free barcode scanning and free net carb tracking.

Flipp app8. Flipp App: One-Stop Marketplace for Savings
Flipp is an all-in-one grocery shopping companion. Browse weekly digital flyers from retailers near you, save money on things you already buy, keep your loyalty cards in one place, and help you stay organized with a digital shopping list (it automatically finds deals on what you select).

fiton app

9. FitOn: Workouts Anytime, Anywhere
Enjoy free, unlimited personalized workouts with FitOn. Get moving with a variety of exercises led by top trainers that fit seamlessly into your schedule. Within each category, there are individual programs ranging from 2 to 6 weeks with varying numbers of workouts per week. The app offers workout reminders and friendly competition with community challenges.

sleepcycle app

10. Sleep Cycle: Optimize Your Sleep
Optimize your sleep routine with Sleep Cycle – it’s a great way to learn about what may be affecting your sleep unbeknownst to you. Track your sleep patterns, wake up refreshed with gentle wake reminders, and improve your overall sleep quality.

Remember, while these apps complement your wellness path, they aren’t substitutes for professional advice. Embrace them as tools to enhance your journey, bringing positive changes to your overall well-being.

Interested in more wellness apps? Check out Sports Illustrated’s best wellness apps guide. If you’re focused on getting moving, here are 10 Great Workout at Home Apps to Try.

Here’s to a healthier, happier you!

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