Melissa Renae

Sober Curious –– What’s everyone talking about?

Exploring Sober Curiosity and the Rise of Mindful Drinking More and more people have been walking away from alcohol, and not just for “Dry January”...

Back to School: Back to Life, Back to Reality

Back to School Family Meal Planning | Back to Life, Back to Reality The height of the summer is winding down. The temps are already...

About Me

Melissa is a single mom, and God-girl, raised in the South by her Bahamian family; a registered dietitian of over 16 years and a food, health, and nutrition writer. She is a beach-loving, pink-thinking, sparkling-water enthusiast, living and exploring Florida life with her son. She believes food and nutrition are just as much about culture, comfort, and joy as they are about health. She strives to create fun, relatable, culturally inclusive content to help her readers take a deep breath, feel seen and make sense of the food around them.
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